11 May, 2010

Vintage shopping in Dublin

Lucy's Lounge Vintage Store, Dublin

This is my last post from overseas and my last fossick for vintage treasure in international lands!

Unfortunately I didn't find any treasure on any of my visits to vintage stores in Dublin. As with my previous shopping expeditions in the vintage shops of London and Paris (before I was a blogger) I found that there are only two types of vintage shops in Dublin - the high end, way-out-of-my-price range store, and the 'This is really just an op-shop' type store - full of cheap and nasty 70's and 80's "vintage" (notice the quotation marks around 'vintage' in that last sentence - I think some vintage shops really need to more accurately rename themselves as 'second-hand shops').

Anyway, it was interesting to look to see what is on offer overseas in any case. It has made me realise how lucky I am to live in Melbourne where we have more affordable quality vintage clothing stores (I must note that I haven't yet properly fossicked in LA, New York or Portland, where I suspect all the great 50's clothes are).

Now onto specifics: The best store I visited in Dublin is called 'Lucy's Lounge' in the Temple Bar district. It is decorated in a very funky way, with old children's prams and dollhouses placed up on top of shelves, and is packed with stock. The stock mainly consists of late 60's, 70's and 80's low-end vintage, with lots of things around the Euro 5-10 range (about AUS $8-13). This is not really 'my thing' as I love 40's suits and 50's dresses. However, if you were a student (which most of the customers appeared to be, you would love it). There were a few nice 60's hats, but I was a bit reluctant to take these in my luggage lest they be squashed.

Lucy's Lounge, Temple Bar, Dublin

The interior of Lucy's Lounge - notice the prams hanging on the wall - fabulous!

Some of the stock in Lucy's Lounge. The stock was nicely put out and laundered. No musty smells here!
At the other end of the scale is the very (and I repeat, very) high-end vintage store called 'Jenny Vander'. The prices would make your eyes water! The stock consists of a lot of beaded handbags, jewellery, and vintage dresses that I actually found difficult to date. I presume they were from the 1930's, given that there were around EUR 180 (which is about AUS $300), that is, given that they were pricey, but I am not sure. Perhaps you can be the judge from these photos . . .

Jenny Vander Vintage, Georges St, Dublin

Expensive dresses in window of indeterminate era - perhaps 1930's? (PS sorry for the reflection of glass)

So there you have it, my little tour around Europe, presenting you with my op-shop and vintage store fossicking. I hope I haven't been too negative in reviewing these vintage stores overseas, but I have to say it as I see it and I have to say that for me, the vintage treasures are in Melbourne plus etsy/ebay. I am sure you all have your own opinion about where the vintage treasures are to be found. I hope you have enjoyed my glimpse into far-off vintage lands!


  1. Thank you for all your posts while overseas. I have been vicariously holidaying and fossicking in foreign lands when reading your posts. I look forward to seeing all your jewellery finds when you get back.

  2. Thanks Callie. I hope you have been well. Although I loved my trip, it is great being home in Melbourne! M x