10 May, 2010

Op-shopping in Dublin

I had a lovely time fossicking around the op-shops of Dublin during my recent trip to Europe. Op shops in Ireland are quite similar to those in the UK - a mix of Oxfam, Cancer Society, Age Concern with a smattering of 'independent' ones like the 'Simeon Community' and Catholic-run stores like St Vincents.

Irish Cancer Society op-shop, Camden St, Dublin

Like their UK counterparts, Irish op-shops are very clean and organised and have amazing window displays. I noticed that most of the window displays are not for sale until a certain time and day (usually 10am on a Saturday) so I missed out on trying on and buying some of the really nice stuff, but I can say it looked very nice indeed. The best op-shop I found was called 'Age Concern' in Camden St, Dublin . . .

Window display - Age Concern, Camden St, Dublin

Window display - Age Concern, Camden St, Dublin

Look at that beautiful tea and cup set on the right - divine!
Window display - Age Concern, Camden St, Dublin

I saw these Prada Shoes on sale in the window at 'Age Concern' in Camden Street, but they only went on sale on the day I was leaving Dublin - arghh! They look ultra cute and only EUR 10!! I am sure there would have been a queue outside the door on that day for these shoes.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to spot any real 'vintage' pieces in my travels through the Dublin Op-shops (which was also the case in the UK). Perhaps savvy vintage buyers regularly go through the shops and buy up all the vintage? Or perhaps there is not so much around? In any case, it was good fun to go treasure hunting all the way over in Ireland!

Op shops in Dublin
The main 'drag' for op shops in Dublin is Camden Street, which is within walking distance of the centre of Dublin (eg about 10 mins walk from Trinity College). You can also catch the no. 22 bus. There are also a few op shops, including Oxfam, on Georges Street, which is in the heart of the city.

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