01 May, 2010

The little gems of Paris - chocolate and pussy bow blouses!

Like everyone, I love Paris so it was great to spend a few days there on this trip. My favourite area in Paris is definitely the Marais district near the Hotel de Ville (Paris 'Town Hall') and St Paul metro station. There are lots of cobbled streets with cute little boutiques, cafes and boulangeries. I saw some very cute outfits at a little shop called 'Antoine and Lili' at 52 rue Franc Bourgeois in the Marais district, including this great polka-dotted pussy bow blouse . . .

Clothes in Paris are not cheap, for instance, this blouse was EUR135, which is about AUS $160 (I think, the exchange rate keeps changing all the time!) but you do get quality. I have to say that the vintage shops in Paris are very disappointing, so I did not visit any of those on this trip. I find the vintage stores in Paris have either low-end cheap and nasty vintage or over-priced ugly designer stuff from the 1980's and nothing much in between. They also don't really have a lot of 1950's items, which is my favourite decade.

However, that is all made up for by the fact that the food is absolutely fantastic in Paris! I have put on so much weight since I have been away as I have been having chocolate eclairs and creme brulees every single day - shocking. Here are some of my favourite foodie spots in Marais:

Patisserie, 32 rue de Turenne, Marais district, Paris

Outfit: skirt - my Mum's wool crepe from the 1980's
Cardi: Laura Ashley, a few seasons ago
Bag: cute Art Deco print from cheap souvenir place near the River Seine bridges

There is a great chocolate shop at 39 rue d'Anciennes which makes chocolate Eiffel Towers and even chocolate CD's!

Au revoir from Paris!

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