22 May, 2010

Heaven is a Houndstooth skirt, Art deco and great coffee

Vintage Suburbia's Saturday outing outfit (!)
(further details of outfit near end of blog)

Today I went on a trip into the city for my favourite things in the world: fashion, architecture and good coffee. The first pitstop was Open Day at the Victorian Supreme Court library. I love books and libraries so this visit was wonderful. The library, which is 124 years old was lovely - you walk into a big foyer covered over with a dome and there is a lovely wrought-iron balcony above. Unfortunately cameras are not allowed into the Supreme Court building, but you can get some idea of what it looks like from this photo from the library's web-page . . .
                   Victorian Supreme Court library                Exterior of Court showing beautiful dome

Next stop was my favourite place for coffee: Cafe Mediterraneum in the Manchester Unity Building, Collins Street. If you have never been to this cafe or to this building you must, because both the coffee and the architecture are sublime.
Cafe Mediterraneum, Manchester Unity Building, Collins St, Melbourne

My favourite food - portuguese tart and a great latte!

Firstly and most importantly lets talk about the coffee: the coffee is, in my humble opinion, the best in Melbourne. Coffee freaks online talk about 'Dancing Goat' and other trendy coffee bars, but Cafe Meditteraneum is better, both in terms of the quality of the coffee, and the ambience and friendliness of the waiters/owners. The cafe is a family-run business - even though I am only able to go there occasionally I know them by name and they are very, very friendly. Secondly, the place is very quiet (no loud music - great when you are like me and want to read) and third, it is very child-friendly (lots of room to park a stroller).

Next the architecture - simply the most beautiful building in Melbourne. See for yourself . . .

Last, but definitely not least - what did I wear to fit in with these glorious surroundings? A vintage houndstooth skirt is what! . .

Vintage houndstooth skirt etsy (seller: Whiteelephantsale)
crinoline underneath ebay
black top laura ashley
pearls 'borrowed' from my mum
belt etsy
Vintage Armani shoes op shop/thrifted
art deco sideboard pictured op shop/thrifted

The skirt is really gorgeous (a heavy houndstooth woolen fabric with lace panels around the bottom). I think from the 1950's (the label says 'Jack Posluns'). It is however, very tiny, so I have only been able to wear it now after many hours spent in the aerobics and dance studios of Melbourne (a 25 inch waist - ouch!).

Before I go, just a quick close-up of the shoes, found in an op shop for the princely sum of AUS 12.99. They are a bit small for me, but I am trying to stretch them!

PS sorry if I have been absent from the blogging world for a few weeks - I have been trying to get my life organised after our big trip to Europe. Although it was wonderful, taking two children on a long haul flight was rather exhausting so we are all only getting back to normal now. I will be back to my  normal blogging self (one post on a Friday) this week! Thanks so much for reading.


  1. Wow, I had no idea this was in Melbourne! I will check them out. And I just love your skirt, it's so beautiful!