15 April, 2012

A pussy bow blouse in France

I am having a lovely time living in France. The weather is still a little cold here (even though technically its Spring!). So last night when we went to a party I made sure I was warm and wore a cream pussy bow blouse and a wool jacket with a nice fur collar . . .

Photo taken on the balcony of our apartment in Grenoble, in the French Alps. My little 3 year old (actually almost 4 year old) boy is pictured to the right. He is a real handful but a very affectionate and loving little boy.

The food in France is, as you would imagine, absolutely fantastic. There is a boulangerie/pattisserie only 5 minutes walk away from me which sells the most amazing baguettes and desserts. Pictured above is my favourite dessert from the store - chocolate tart. I have taken up bike riding to help me compensate for all the calories I am having every day. Although many French woman do eat alot of carbs as they have baguettes every day, they also eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and salads so I think this is why it is said that 'French women do not get fat'. I noticed also that there are far less processed foods in the supermarkets - so not as many pre-prepared meals and far fewer snacks and crisps. The food here is also quite reasonably priced (at least compared to Australia) so it is possible to eat very well for not a lot of money.  I love food and wine so it is like paradise to me!

Au revoir for the moment from France.

Outfit details
cream pussy bow (from the 70's I would say?) - Thrifted/Op shop in Melbourne
1960's wool jacket with fur collar (I bought this thinking it was fake fur as I do not normally buy furs, but I have since been told it is real) - Ebay Australia
Skirt Sussan's, a women's shop in Australia purchased many years ago (the shop now only sells cheap, ill-fitting clothes)
Shoes - Homy Peds from Chemist in Glen Waverley, Melbourne (they are orthopaedic ones for 'elderly ladies' but they are so comfortable!)