11 March, 2010

Two Days - Two Styles - Red Cherry and 70's Hawaiian

The last week has seen some variable weather (to say the least!) but I managed to wear my blue and red cherry dress on one of the warmer days. This is one of the few vintage 'copy' dresses I own and I am still not sure about it. It is a wrap around, reversible style but I can only wear it one way at the moment as there is a big split at the back if I wear it reverse style (it flares up at the slightest bit of wind, showing off my gorgeous beige Target undies - not a good look!). I need to put some clasps on the back and then it should be absolutely bloomer-proof. As you can see, it is a little low cut for my liking - but what the hell, if you've got it (or even if you haven't, as in my case) flaunt it!

(you can wear the dress with buttons at front too)

A more respectable look with green cardie

Cherry dress: Ebay Australia (2 yrs ago, when Ebay Australia was quite gd)
Green cardie: Girly store in Chadstone (3 yrs ago) - can't remember name!
Green necklace (repro): Frocks and Slacks Vintage store, St Kilda

The next dress is a 1970's (I am guessing) Hawaiian dress purchased from Ebay a few years ago. I am a real 50's girl, so I don't normally wear this type of dress, but its nice and casual - perfect for walking over to the shops with the pram and picking up my daughter from school (I am not going to worry too much if my 2 year old smears jam on it, totally washable)(and it would probably just add to the pattern!)


Hawaiian dress Ebay Australia 2-3 years ago
Cardie: from non-descript store in CBD many years ago!
Gloves: Ebay Australia


  1. Maria,
    I'm so glad you found my blog because now I can keep up with yours! I am absolutely loving having a sneak peek at your fab vintage dresses - looks like you have many beauties in your closet to show off. I agree Aus Ebay is horrid, do you shop online?? May I ask which online shops you fequent? By the way love the 70's hawaiian number, it looks adorable on you! :)

  2. Dear Countess
    Great to hear from you. I don't have any particular online stores as such as I usually look more generally at anything on etsy and ebay from the US. There are a few on etsy I can recommend: 'Dear Golden Vintage' is good (and very reasonable I think) and for something really special (around the US300 mark), you should look at Timeless Vixen Vintage. I still look at ebay USA occasionally as I am on the hunt for a (very elusive) Lilli Ann suit, but I do find the etsy sellers much more trustworthy and knowledgeable about vintage. I have put the link to both those two etsy sellers below.
    Looking forward to reading your blog and thanks for looking at mine!

  3. Hi Maria,
    Just a note to say that you won one of the Lavazza calendars!Hooray! Just drop me an email so I can confirm your address.

    Thank you so much for coming yesterday, its always lovely to catch up with my readers :)