04 March, 2010

A Three-day Frock Fest . . . (be careful how you say that!)

Given that I am not able to post every day (I am doing a PhD - ouch!) I thought I would roll three days of blog posts into one - three days and two decades for the price of one!

Dress 1 is a lovely 1950's atomic blue, pink and green (my favourite colours!) dress with a shawl-type collar (I think that is how you would describe it?) and a matching belt. The only drawback is that it has some type of synthetic in the material so its not very breathable (gets a bit wiffy at the end of a hot day - dear me!) Lucky I am only around my two little kids at the end of the day! 

Outfit details: 1950's dress Ebay USA (I LOVE buying from the US - great quality)
Pearls - 'borrowed' from Vintage Suburbia's mum!
Bag (see close up below) - Frocks and Slacks, St Kilda 

This bag is so cute - I think it is from the 1960's (?)
It has a lucite handle (gasp - I love lucite!) and is made up of small leather pieces which are woven into each other - divine! I don't wear it enough though, I keep it for 'special occasions' (which I perhaps shouldn't)  

 Pink 60's dress Ebay Australia
Shoes - Myer

Dress 2 is a pink 60's number with a lovely decorative panel down the centre. I don't normally buy 60's dresses as I find they don't suit my figure (which is distinctly pear-shaped!) but I find this one is OK. I have to confess to wearing thigh-reducing 'shapewear' under this dress though!

Close up of cute decorative panel

I don't normally put labels in my posts but I thought this one was was quite cute (says 'Marcia June Sydney SSW'). Although the fabric is synthetic (I am guessing 'Prestalene is not man made?!), it is actually very nice to wear - surprisingly breathable.

And, last but not least, Dress 3 is a lovely 1950's teal floral dress. Teal is one of my favourite colours as it seems to suit my pale, freckly skin.

Vintage Suburbia wearing her favourite pink hat (I wear hats every day)

Vintage Suburbia standing in her son's sandpit with her favourite parasol (Oroton).
Teal floral 50's dress Ebay USA
Pale pink cardigan Portmans (from a few yrs ago!)
Hat - Cancer Council Australia online
(their hats are adjustable and don't blow away in Melbourne's terrible wind)
Parasol Oroton (bought on sale for around $35)
I find that Melbourne is so windy in summer (don't you hate that!) that I have to have a very sturdy umbrella. Many of my past purchases have broken in the wind, but I can recommend Oroton ones - they are lined for extra sun protection and seem more resilent than cheaper alternatives (but buy them on special - they are not cheap!)

And finally, a few photos of my Little Mr Moppet, age 2, who decided to get in on the act. His blog is called 'A Two-year old tornado' (he wreaks havoc in my house). He is cute, but he is Trouble with a capital T!

Terrible Two Tornado wears Green Dinosaur shirt sent from Ireland by his Nonny
Ripped jeans (sooo last season!) from our favourite kids clothing store, Target

"I'm off to wreak havoc and cause trouble!"


  1. Your dresses are so pretty, I love getting things in the mail. I adore your woven handbag with the rose, you should definitely wear it out more often!

  2. Thanks S, hope you are well. I noticed from your blog that you are trying to get through the 1001 books to read before you die - love it! I was going to try that too, but not keen on some of the choices they have made - they have left out John Cheever for a start who is one of my fav authors. Hope to see you soon, Maria

  3. Lovely dresses! I really want some floral ones like these :)

  4. Thanks, look forward to seeing you on Sunday! (High Tea). No idea what I am going to wear! (I have only got two wardrobes chock a block full of clothes - dear me)