15 March, 2010

Melbourne Fashion Week Bloggers Forum - 1940's jacket, Cue pants

On Saturday I went to the Melbourne Fashion Week Blogging Forum, held at Guildford Lane Gallery in the city.
The bloggers who spoke included the lovely Phoebe from Lady Melbourne and a very talented artist called Angie from Patsy Fox who does beautiful fashion drawings. The bloggers spoke about a whole range of issues, such as getting a blog up and running, intellectual property (copyright) issues and the role of blogs in the fashion world.

The forum also covered the thorny issue of sponsorship and advertising. I think the general consensus was that it was quite difficult to do this as many companies don't yet understand blogging and simply want to have their name mentioned in a blog for free (!). Some also want full editorial control, for instance, ask for the right to review all photos and content prior to blog publication. It was all very interesting, particularly as I am a baby blogger. I actually had no idea it was so complex.

L-R Angie Rehe from http://www.patsyfox.com/; Phoebe from www.ladymelbourne.com ;
The Guildford Gallery itself is worth a visit. It is a great space - very light and airy (it looks like an old wood-chopping factory downstairs - fantastic!). It is currently showing some great fashion-related pieces, including Patsy Fox fashion illustrations, and other installations . . .

I usually wear pure vintage but decided I'd mix it up a bit for fashion week. I am wearing a 40's jacket teamed with black cue pants. I had wanted to keep my outfit simple to show off the collar and pockets on the jacket which are quite unique. I am not sure it worked, I think its a bit too much black and please excuse the bad photo - the light was not good that day!

This is a much better photo which shows the beautiful scalloped art-deco style collar on the jacket.

1940's Jacket: Clara Fox, Fitzroy North
Pants: Cue from many years ago
Shoes: Myer


  1. I just love your blog honey - but not half as much as I adored meeting you on Sunday afternoon !! What a delight to sit next to you and talk vintage and babies and study etc ! You have the most glorious collection of outfits here....I am pea green with envy !! Am looking forward to following along with Vintage Suburbia !!! XX

  2. Great to hear from you! It was so lovely to meet you the other day too. You are even more gorgeous in person! I am looking forward to following your blog too! Maria xx