22 March, 2010

The Red Shoes at the Astor Theatre (and a great latte!)

I went to see the lovely old ballet film ‘The Red Shoes’ at the Astor in Chapel Street today.

For those who are not familiar with the film, ‘The Red Shoes’ tells the story of a ballerina performing for the (fictional) Lermontov Ballet in Monte Carlo. It was made in 1948 and stars, amongst others, the famous Australian ballet star Robert Helpmann. To tell you anymore about the film would give the plot away, so I will just say it is a lovely film to go and see on a Sunday afternoon, especially if, like me, you dance, or love to watch ballet. And what better place to watch it than the beautiful art deco Astor.

I took my little six year old daughter to see the film and it was a lovely girls day out for us. We went to see the movie, and then had a latte, lemonade and treats at a local café in Windsor - Dino's Deli (34 Chapel St, Windsor).

Outfit: 1950s dress   Circa Vintage Clothing, Fitroy Melbourne
Shoes   Myer (some years ago)
vintage earrings   Clara Fox Vintage, Brunswick St, Fitroy North

The name 'Dino's Deli' does not really conjure up images of great sophistication I must say, but I would highly recommend this cafe. It is a lovely Parisien style café, only a stone’s throw from the Astor, it has GREAT coffee (I am sooo fussy about my coffee so if I say its good, it is good!) and lovely little homemade treats like small baguettes with jambon (ham!) and little pastries served on vintage plates - all a vintage girl with a coffee obsession could ever want!

I have had horrible luck with cafes on Chapel St, which is a surprise given it is such a popular shopping district. There is nothing quite so bad as a bad latte! I was impressed with the fact that this café had snacks that looked and tasted like homemade, not just the mass-produced fare you normally see at cafes in Melbourne. And as a plus, it is right next door to two fabulous stores: an Art Deco print shop and a great second-hand bookstore (the latter of which is currently having a 20-50% off sale - when I went there I got some Trixie Belden books for only $2 each - yaaahh!)
L to R: Second hand book store, Art deco print store and Dino's Deli, 32-34 Chapel St Windsor
If you want to see 'The Red Shoes' it is only on at The Astor for the next two weeks, so get in quick, I have set out the session times below. Happy dancing!
The Red Shoes
see http://www.astor-theatre.com/
Season: Sunday, March 21 to Sunday, April 4.
Sundays & Saturdays — 2 PM, 5 PM & 8 PM
Mondays, Wednesday to Friday — 7:30 PM (no screenings Tuesdays)


  1. Oh a good coffee is essential! Thanks for the heads up about the great place...I can definitely recommend you some top quality spots around town if you're on the hunt :-D

  2. Thanks D, it would be great if you had some other good spots to recommend. I can never get enough coffee! Maria x

  3. Oh, I love that film! I have it on DVD, love re watching it.
    And thanks for the tip on the good coffee place; I don't know south-of-the-river well and a good coffee is so important! :D
    I love your blue dress!

  4. How wonderful is the Astor? And Dino's Deli is just divine...
    Two great spots at my fave end of Chapel Street..there's no point venturing any further past Dino (except maybe to visit Tarlo and Graham!)

  5. Thanks for reading, I looked at your blog too - what a lovely bubba - soooo cute!

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