24 July, 2010

A lovely day out at the Tahbilk Winery and Wetlands

Vintage Suburbia and family at Tahbilk Vineyard, Nagambie Lakes, Victoria

Last weekend I went to a 150 year anniversary tasting day at Tahbilk winery near Nagambie Lakes in Victoria. It was a lovely day (even though overcast), although when you are tasting great wine it doesn't matter very much what the weather is like!
The best sight in the world - wine casks!

I had never been to Tahbilk Vineyards before and I must say I absolutely loved it. Firstly the buildings are very historic and full of character - it makes for a great ambience.

I love the red and white on these old buildings - they look a bit Old American don't you think?
I stood under this spout with mouth open waiting for the gush of red wine to come out - didn't work unfortunately!

There are great retro relics littered all around the winery grounds, including this old Shell petrol pump - love it! (I am glad it was Shell and not BP though - not so fantastic!)

Now to the wines - as it was a 150 year anniversary tasting, the winery had tastings of wines from 1982 onwards. They were very very nice, the standouts being the reds from 1998 and 2002. The wines from Tahbilk are also very reasonably priced, we bought the 1998 for only $30 and the 2002 for about $18 - a bargain in my book.

The cellar door at Tahbilk is great, you can walk down some stairs to the cellar itself and see all the huge wine vats . . . 

After tasting about 15 different wines, Vintage Suburbia was feeling rather happy and proceeded to run around the lawn with her two small children. How embarrasing (my tip for the week: never look at photos of yourself tipsy when you are sober!)

After our wine tasting, my hubby and I had a lovely lunch at the Tahbilk cafe and had a walk through the vineyards and wetlands.

 The best sight in the world - a vineyard

 The wetlands (tickets cost $5 per adult, children free) were really gorgeous and, as a bit of a greenie, I was so impressed that the vineyard owners have preserved this beautiful part of nature.

Tahbilk Winery Wetlands - beautiful

Tahbilk Winery Wetlands - love the lillies on the pond and the great old bridges

All in all, this winery is a fabulous day out and is great if you want to do wine tasting with kids in tow, as there is space for them to run around in and both the cellar door and cafe was very kid-friendly. Highly recommended.

If you are interested in more info, see Tahbilk's website at: http://www.tahbilk.com.au/

Happy drinking everyone! (in moderation of course!)

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