09 July, 2010

A Lilli Ann magazine ad to match my coat

Firstly I should apologise for my absence from the blogging world for the last few weeks. I have been very busy with work. Now, onto more excting things . . !

As my regular readers will know, I love Lilli Ann suits and coats (and other 'New Look' outfits). I recently bought a fabulous 'nipped waist' coat from ebay which, by the way, is divine (see earlier post). When I got it in the post I nearly cried it was so beautiful (yes, I know, its not normal to cry over clothes, but I don't think I am normal). An outfit shot of the coat in question will be the subject of a separate post, but for now I wanted to show you the fabulous magazine ad I just bought from ebay to match my coat!

I am going to frame it when I get it and hang it near my closet. I very much doubt I will look as fabulous in it as the model, but I have hope yet!

These ads can be purchased from ebay - just search under your desired designer and 'ad' and it should come up.

I think its a really cute idea if you really love a particular item. Perhaps I will buy some more (?!)

Let me know if you have any good ideas for showcasing vintage or other decorating ideas.

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