17 July, 2010

A beautiful vintage nurses' cape

My husband and I went to St Kilda for a day out on Friday. For those of my readers who live outside Australia, St Kilda is a lovely seaside suburb of Melbourne with cake shops, great restaurants, and vintage and second-hand book stores - heaven! To celebrate being in bohemian rather than my dull suburban surroundings, I wore my vintage nurses cape from the US. It is just gorgeous (and very warm!).

As you can see from the photo below, the cape has 'BCH' stiched on the collar. I assume this would refer to something like 'Boston County Hospital'? I tried to do some research on google about this, but did not come up with anything. If anyone out there has some thoughts, please let me know!

I bought the cape from US etsy for the grand bargain price of US$35 (of course postage cost around $40). But I think all in all it was a bargain. The cape has a lovely red lining in it . . .

To match the lining, I teamed the cape with a red patent bag (what else?!) from etsy  . . .

Now I just need a knock-em-dead pair of red vintage heels to complete the outfit (there is always something, isn't there?)

You may notice my hair is looking much more 'vintage' (and neat!) than normal. That is because I attended the Lindy Charm School in Melbourne last weekend. I would thoroughly recommend this to those of my readers living in Australia. It is run by two lovely ladies from Brisbane and they do regular 'schools' around Australia:. The hair part of the school (they also discuss clothing and make-up tips) was the best, they show you how to do pin curls and 'up do's like the one I have tried to replicate above (I am still practising on perfecting the look!). I am also wearing a 'snood' (the crocheted hair thing at the back) which I would again highly recommend to vintage lovers to complete the vintage look. You can buy these and other essential vintage items from the Lindy Charm website.

Before I go, I wanted to show you some of the photos from my day out in St Kilda. We had lunch at a place called 'Mirka at Tolarno' in Fitroy Street.

It is named after a great lady who used to own the restaurant some years ago, Mirka Mora. She is a really unique artist and you can see her art work is featured prominently in the interior of the restaurant . .

My lovely waitress from Mirka at Tolarnos

We had a lovely lunch there of goats cheese zucchini flowers, rainbow trout and creme brulee (are you feeling hungry yet?!). They have a lunch special at the moment - 2 courses, a glass of wine and coffee for $35  (which is what we had) - an absolute bargain for fabulous food. You really must go! The waiters were also very nice (not rude or 'too cool for school' as I sometimes encounter in trendy restaurants).

I hope you enjoyed my vintage cape and a little insight into restaurants in Melbourne.


  1. Ah your hair is looking great! :-D That cape is just awesome too - you got such a bargain - there's only two of those on Etsy at the mo' and they're both around the $200 mark *sob* I sooo want one!!!!

  2. Thanks E, yes I am not sure how I got it so cheap. I was looking for about one month though, was a bit difficult to find one which was in good condition but reasonably priced. There weren't any other bidders on my cape if I recall correctly. You could put a search reminder into ebay to get emails sent everytime 'vintage nurse cape' came up perhaps? I love etsy, but sometimes ebay is a good way to get something a bit cheaper. M x

  3. You look fabulous! I can't believe you have schools for hairstyling, wish they had one here..and i too always end up paying so much for postage aagh!

  4. HOney - we havent caugh up in ages, but I was wondering if you might like to be one of my living dolls on Alice Jean's? Oh please say yes !!! Let me know your email if you are interested and I will send you the profile questionair.

    Hope to catch up really soon !!

    Much love



  5. the BCH can also be the owner's initials. it was common for nurses to have their initials embroidered on their capes; after all, they all had one, and many looked the same!