19 October, 2012

A Lovely Vintage Carousel in France

Recently I took my two young children on the train from our home in Grenoble to a nearby town, Valence in  the South-East of France.  The train ride was only one hour, but rather stressful as my kids insisted on acting up and fighting with each other . . .  sacre bleur as the French would say. But the ride was almost worth it when I saw this lovely vintage carousel . . .

My four year old boy riding the plane.

Most French towns have a small carousel in the middle of the town, which is a lovely feature of French villages, and also gives adults a chance to have a break from their kids for at least five minutes! We have a nice carousel in our home town of Grenoble, but this one in Valence is one of the nicest ones I have seen. It was very old-fashioned and was in perfect condition.

There was also a lovely hot air balloon on the carousel . . .

I actually took these photos with my new(ish) Samsung phone. I was very dubious about how they would look on the web, but I am pleasantly surprised. The ones taken when the carousel are moving are a bit blurry, but the others are actually not too far off a proper camera. I am impressed!

Stay tuned for more on vintage and living in France . . . 


  1. Hi, thanks for dropping me a line. I'm glad your still enjoying France, I love the sound of having a carousel in every town! Hope you enjoy your trip home and hopefully the weather will be warm enough for swimming and sunny cafe life...you know how changeable it is here in old Melbourne town! I admire you for moving to a whole new country with two small children and try to work at the same time. I found it hard when we moved from Canberra to Melbourne when the kids were young....and that's only interstate and everyone spoke the same language! I love all the French snippets you share and eager await the next instalment. xx Shauna

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