08 August, 2011

A beautiful 'Lilli Annette' Diminuitive Suit

As regular readers will know, I love the US vintage designer 'Lilli Ann'. I was very lucky to buy a beautiful 'petite' blue and red suit on etsy from the lovely Catbooks1940s a few months ago. It is probably one of the nicest suits I have ever bought.  The quality of the fabric and tailoring is really quite breathtaking.

 I should note that the skirt I am wearing with the jacket is not actually Lilli Ann, but one that Catbooks1940s had originally listed with the jacket on etsy. She had misplaced the matching Lilli Ann skirt, but then later found it and threw that in for free so I got two skirts for the price of one (what a nice seller!). This is great for mixing and matching and makes the suit really versatile.
Unfortunately I can't wear the matching (navy) skirt at the moment because I have put on a little bit of weight over winter (cough!) and it is too tight on me now. Fortunately I think the red skirt works well with this jacket (I do have to cut down on the sweets though, I just ate homemade apple sponge pudding and icecream - yowzers!).

 I love the red cuffs on the jacket - totally adorable.

These are some photos of the suit from Catbooks1940s listing of the item on etsy which will show you better detail of the jacket. You can see (from her far superior photography!) the beauty of the trim on the suit. . .

And finally, one of my favourite parts of vintage items - the label! This one says 'Lilli Annette - Diminuitive. Ahhh, isn't that cute? (I am only 5 1/2 feet tall)(I count that half!) so it is accurate, and rather nice, to say I am 'Diminuitive'!
I hope you enjoyed that little look at my little Lilli Annette suit!

Outfit details
Lilli Ann jacket and vintage skirt  Catbooks1940s on etsy
bag etsy
earrings  etsy


  1. I love the labels too! I have even kept them when the garment fell apart.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Vintage ROAD TRIP giveaway

  2. Omg MAJOR love for this outfit! And what a score getting two skirts. What a great seller :-))
    Gosh-darn you make me want to buy up suits on Etsy/Ebay.

    Did you see Mill Street Vintage has some beautiful Lilli Ann suits on her Etsy at the moment - WAY out of budget and size range but still - wow.

  3. How amazing! I love the outfit – I had an inkling that was an LA jacket the second I saw it :D