23 July, 2011

A handy green Handmacher suit

Hello again, I am finally back! Thanks to everyone for being so patient during my 'computer crash' hiatus from blogging. My new computer is still on its way, but in the meantime I actually figured out how to upload and edit photos on a laptop without Canon software (answer: irfanview - free software from the internet, in case you were wondering!)

Anyway, enough about boring computers, lets talk vintage now . . .

Regular readers will know I love Lilli Ann suits, but I have recently bought a few 'Handmacher' suits, which were also made in the 40s and 50s and have excellent tailoring. I have to say I don't think they are equal with 50s Lilli Ann in terms of the workmanship and complexity of the tailoring, but they are beautiful in their own right. I particularly like the close cut of the jackets  . . .

The cut of the suits are also very feminine and hug in 'all the right places'. I particularly like the rounded colours and the pocket detail which is a signature feature of Handmacher suits.

This is not actually a colour I would normally buy for myself as I am a little scared of pastel type colours with my fair skin. I tend to go for deeper greens, like emeralds. However, the hue of this particular acqua green is OK on me.

It also looks nice with the jacket open and a nice white pussy bow blouse underneath (that is also a little more comfortable too!)

This is perfect work wear, although I had to darn a number of holes in the skirt (6-7 in total, some of them quite large!) so I probably wouldn't wear it to an important meeting or in a lecture. It is OK for in the office though and like me, I guess many flaws are what makes it!

Lastly, I thought this photo might give you a laugh - I have to take most of my photos with a tripod and timer. So I try and line up where I will stand, centre the camera, press the auto button, it beeps for 10 seconds and in that time I have to run around to the front, look composed, smile and off it goes. Naturally it takes me about 20 goes to get 2 decent photos and I have a tendency to go off centre all the time. Exhibit 1 - little ol' me in the very corner of this photo - after I cut all the unwanted background out, all I was left with was this  .  . . 

 dear me, enough said!

Outfit details
1950s Handmacher suit etsy
white pussy bow blouse ebay
earrings vintage Lisner - etsy  


  1. It's so perfect! I have to say that you remind me in these pics a bit of finnish actress and beauty Eeva-Kaarina Volanen when she was young:)

  2. Yay you're back!! LOVE the suit. I shall take some inspiration from you and hunt suits on Etsy as I think I am in need of one (job searching, ssshhhhh).

    I went to Cubec yesterday and their suits are lovely but the Mr deemed them too expensive...maybe vintage will have to be the way!

    And the posing is a tricky thing isn't it! My bf's camera is quite good as he has a remote which I can set to go off every ten seconds so I just have to stand around doing poses and hope I'm in a good one when the shutter goes off. It does feel mighty silly when you're doing it by yourself though!

  3. Hello Maria,

    This is Judy (internet identity = Fashionista) who introduced herself at the Williamstown Vintage Fair.

    Have just read your blog (including the archives) and loved it! It is very exciting to find like minded people out here in suburbia. We will have to frock up and have a coffee (or a nice glass of red!) one day.

  4. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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  5. I think you pull of the blue really well with your pale skin! I love the cut, so snug and flattering! :) Zoë x