24 April, 2011

An Easter Sunday outfit

Happy Easter to you all! I have had a restful Easter doing very little except read books, drink red wine and eat (bliss!). This morning I went to Easter mass which was very nice. I don't go to church as much as I should. But with everything these days geared towards materialism and consumerism it is always refreshing to go to a community-based event like mass. This is my Easter Sunday mass outfit . . .
I bought this Victorian style lace blouse ages ago on ebay. It is very pretty but it buttons up at the back so need a hubby close at hand to help put in on (I need a 'Lady in Waiting'!)
And of course, no outfit would be complete without a vintage needlepoint bag.
(by the way, consumerism doesn't apply to vintage items - one can never have enough vintage needlepoint bags!)

oops, I have just noticed a slight bulge at the top of my skirt where I was not able to fully close the zipper (!). I need to do a few more sessions at the gym and cut down on those glasses of read wine if I am going to be able to fit into this skirt again!
  Because its getting a bit chilly here in Melbourne, I wore this cream vintage beaded cardigan over my blouse. I love beaded cardigans, but find it hard to get any colours apart from black and cream. I would love a blue one like the one Molly Ringwald wears in 'Pretty in Pink' (80s nuts will know what I mean by this!)

Hope you all have a lovely Easter and don't overdose on chocolate! 


  1. Oh I adore your needlepoint bag, its gorgeous. You look great.

  2. What a lovely outfit! :) I love it all! I am a sucker for pretty beaded cardigans and am always on the quest for colours other than black or cream! :)

  3. Love the skirt and blouse, you look like such a lady! Very pretty.

  4. Oh this is beautiful. Who doesn't want that cardigans from Pretty in Pink?