26 April, 2011

A dark blue wiggle dress

I wore this outfit last weekend to a friend's play at Lambassa House, an historic mansion in Caulfield, Melbourne. The play was a real hoot and the performances very good. I always like amateur theatre productions - they are great fun.
The dress I wore is a lovely dark blue, which is one of my favourite colours. But it is very much a 'wiggle dress' - it was very tight around the hips so some shapewear was very much called for (I love a good strong girdle!)

I was able to take a bit more time to get ready than I normally do as my hubby stayed at home to look after the children (one of which you can see running around with his wheely toy to the left - he is a 3 year old terror!). Normally we get a babysitter in if we have a night out and I have to be a crazy multi-tasker - not only getting myself ready, but making the children's dinner, getting the house in order etc.

I love beaded bags and this is a very intricate beautiful piece. The photo probably does not do justice to it. A few months ago I bought a floral designed beaded bag, which I have been wanting to get for ages (the ones that are sort of a cross between a needlepoint and a beaded bag). I can't wait to wear it out soon.

Outfit details:
dress ebay
bag Williamstown Vintage Fair
gloves op shop (a rare find!)
diamonte necklace (I have always wanted one of these after seeing Carrie wear it on SATC) ebay
diamonte earrings Callie Whelan, Camberwell Markets (she also has a great stall in the Vintage Garage, Smith St Collingwood)


  1. Gosh you look amazing! That colour does wonders for your skin-tone and and it's just so glamorous overall. :-D

  2. Maria, I love this outfit...you have such flare ! I am actually wanting to contact you on a personal matter....but I cant find your email address....can you send me an email at kesenyabaker@bigpond.com when you have a moment? Thanks a million !! XX

  3. That dress is so gorgeous, I love the way it is folded and draped at the front, such talented dressmaking. The beaded bag is divine, it looks really heavy and expensive!