13 February, 2011

My wedding dress (vintage peachy pink)

This is the peachy pink vintage dress that I wore to my wedding in 2003 (that is my hubby on the right!). Now wearing it again in 2011!

I am pleased to say that I still fit into after 8 years which is nice (thank you Pilates). I have not had the occasion to wear it again since my wedding so I took it for a much awaited outing to a 'Debutantes Dinner' in Melbourne last night, organised by the lovely ladies at the Lindy Charm School. 

I searched for a vintage wedding dress for ages before I found this dress (in a little French-style shop in South Melbourne). This was before shopping online was as easy as it is today - there are now lots of vintage wedding dresses to be found on etsy. I actually don't think the colour of the dress does much for my skin tone - a deeper, mauvy pink probably would have suited me better, but it was such a lovely style, I couldn't resist it.

This is a close up of the embroidery/flowers on the dress:

 The flowers have a little diamonte/rhinestone in the middle of them so I wore a pair of vintage diamonte earrings to set that off. The fabric in the dress is a sort of stiff, papery-type material which drapes beautifully, but is quite delicate and prone to tearing, so I am always careful when putting it on. I probably should have ironed the flowers to make them sit down a little flatter on the bodice but I was a bit scared to given the delicacy of the fabric. I will have to do that when I have some time and space to concentrate on such a task (which is usually never!)

I hope you liked looking at my wedding dress!

Outfit details:
Vintage (1950's?) wedding dress Little French-themed shop opposite South Melbourne markets
diamonte earrings Callie, Camberwell markets
fake fur stole and vintage purse ebay
gloves modern - Myer
handsome husband from Dublin, Ireland (picked up for a song in a little hostel in Rome, 1998!)


  1. Wow that dress is stunning! You look fantastic as ever. Hope you had a blast last night :-)

  2. Hi, found your blog via esmee and the lane way - hope you don't mind if i have a look around. Love your style. Inspired!

  3. A gorgeous gorgeous dress, and it looks wonderful on you.

  4. Maira, as always your cothing and look is breathtaking. One super stylish woman !!! So sorry we didnt get more time to chat the other evening - we must make an effort to have that oft talked of cuppa one day soon !! XX

  5. When I see these dresses I imagine myself wearing all of them at my wedding. My wedding dress was similar to Simone's dress, even if my wedding was 25 years ago. Seems like fashion has no age, is spinning over and over and that's why these wedding dresses will be fashionable in the future, 20-30 years from now.

  6. So beautiful. I love the idea of having a versatile wedding dress that isn't white so you can wear it on other occasions :)

  7. Just found your blog and just LOVE that dress