05 April, 2010

A 1960's mustard yellow trench

As the cooler weather is slowly starting to make its appearance in Melbourne, I have had great fun getting out my autumn trench coats and putting away some of my summer dresses. Being of Irish origin I simply love winter so I am eagerly awaiting wearing my scarves, coats, and my vintage skirt suits. I was given this mustard yellow trench coat by a cousin (twice removed I think, I am not good on the family tree!). It is 'true blue' vintage made in the UK.

I have to say I was a little hesitant about wearing this trench as I have never really liked yellow, and especially not mustard yellow (just the name itself turns me off!). However, I have to say with the right blouse underneath it looks quite nice. I have also tried the trench with a grey scarf and that seems to work too. I wouldn't have though grey and yellow went together, but the right shades do.

I really like the gold tone buttons on this trench and the matching belt - very classy. The label says 'Aquascutum', Made in England, Regent St, London. Don't you love a label that says that says Regent St, London? From my knowledge of vintage (which I have to say is not expertised) I understand that the UK did not make masses of clothes in the 50s due to the effect of WWII but you can find some great 60's English clothes.

Finally, just a quick shot of the vintage blouse I wore underneath. It is 'new/old' stock from etsy USA. The tag, still attached, said 'Laura Mae'. I am not familiar with this manufacturer/brand, but because the shirt is polyester I am guessing late 1960's, early 1970's?

1960's yellow vintage trench, made in London a gift
Blouse etsy USA
pants Basque Myer (ages ago, I try to avoid Myer now, had enough of rude sales assistants!)


  1. Oh I just love that mustard colour - so striking ! I have some fabric all set to go to make myself a coat for winter - you have inspired me to get cracking !!! Will deffinatly look you up when I am next in the big smoke....xx

  2. Love the trench, it looks great on you! I don't know if you are into 60s so much, but I tried on a early 60s style wool suit yesterday at an op-shop in Thornbury. It was too small for me, so would probably fit you. It is a Chanel style collarless one, in a nubbly muted pink and yellow check, beautifully made and lined in pale pink. The label had something about 5th avenue on it, and it looks like it was made in the US, very good quality. It was only $25 too. It was in a little op-shop on High St just up from Separation St, on the Northcote Plaza side of the road, and was hanging in the window.

  3. S, Thanks so much for the tip, I will try and get there and snap that up!