01 April, 2010

An unusual 1950's suit

This is quite an unusual 1950s summer/spring suit that I purchased from 'Top Hat' vintage store in High St, Thornbury (873 High St). I saw it on the mannequin when I walked in, and had to try it on, as I have never actually seen anything like it before. I was a little worried it was 'too much' as the pattern and colours are quite bright. But I put a silver flower brooch and earrings with it and it seems to work.

Notice my unkept garden - I am not a good gardener I'm afraid!
Look at my white legs for goodness sake - they are almost as white as my shoes!

If you haven't been to Top Hat in Thornbury before, you must pay a visit. It is owned by a lady called Michelle and she is a real character. Her shop is chock-a-bloc with vintage goodies. The day I went there I bought four dresses and this suit, I just couldn't resist. it is a bit more 'ramshackle' than some other vintage stores and the changing room is a bit of a problem (a very small space at the back of the shop with a curtain across it) but its great fun. I don't necessarily think the prices are much cheaper than other places so don't expect bargain prices just because its a bit further out than Fitzroy, but the sheer volume of stuff is great. Plus, there is a great second hand bookshop across the road (and an okay cafe next door). See an earlier post to see another 1950's pink dress (with a bolero - I love boleros!) which I also I bought at Top Hat.

The suit is made of a lovely cotton material so is very breathable. There is no tag on it, so I think it may have been home-sewn.

 This picture below shows the colour and detail of the suit and the brooch and earrings a bit better:

Finally, a close-up of the brooch - I love these 60's flower costume brooches that are very easy (and cheap) to get on ebay. I forget exactly how much I paid for it, but I think the set (with earrings) was about $25. The set is in pristine condition, looks like it has never been worn.

outfit details
1950s suit Top Hat, 873 High St Thornbury (tram from the city stops outside)
brooch and earrings etsy USA
shoes Myer (years ago)


  1. Way cute suit! I must get to this shop in Thornbury. My bf can busy himself in the bookstore while I look at clothes hehee. :-D

  2. Thanks Kitty, yes I really love Northcote and Thornbury. There is another great second hand bookstore in High St northcote opp another vintage shop called 'Old Hat' but I don't like that shop as much as all the 1950's dresses are really high up on the wall so you can touch them. Thanks for reading! Maria x