26 February, 2010

A Vintage James Bond Husband

My hubby was, until recently, a vintage sceptic. My daily vintage outfit would usually be greeted with 'where did you get that??' (said in an incredulous tone) and 'how much did that cost?'. He still queries some of my fashion sense, saying the other day that my lovely pink 60's shift dress looked like 'something my Aunty Marge wore' (not exactly the look I was going for, but I take it as a compliment anyway!).

But I am happy to say he is no longer a sceptic (although he still questions some of my ouftits) thanks to his purchase of two vintage tuxedos from Nicole at Circa. My hubby wanted to buy one for his upcoming university graduation, but he liked them so much he bought two!

Hubby wears early 60's vintage tux, Circa Vintage, Fitroy
Vintage Suburbia wears navy and pink 50's dress, Ebay UK
My Little Moppet is also making herself seen!

It looks like he is not the only one, as ultra sharp, superbly tailored vintage-look mens suits featured prominently in the Hardy Amies Autumn/Winter Collection shown recently at the 2010 London Fashion Week. . .

Hardy Amies Collection 2010

I should note that it is difficult to find men's vintage suits in good condition - Circa has some lovely ones, and also Tracy at Fancy Pants/Frocks and Slacks in St Kilda. The tuxes we bought at Circa were only around $200 each, which my hubby and I thought was a complete bargain - the quality is amazing. The only thing I would note is that vintage sizing being what it is, if the suit does not quite fit in some areas, you may have to factor in quite a bit in alterations (as vintage suits are quite complex in structure). We recently paid about $100 to get a vintage suit altered, but as the suits are so reasonably priced and of such superior quality compared to contemporary versions, we didn't mind that at all.

When my hubby wore the suit to his graduation I told him he looked like James Bond - he was over the moon! So there you are ladies - convert your vintage-sceptic husbands (or partners/lovers!) by buying him a fabulous vintage tux!


  1. Oh yes, very James Bond! I love a man who appreciates a well-made suit.

  2. Hubby looks great! Well done! Those early '60s suits are so sharp - and so current fashion too. Thank you John Hamm and the rest of the Mad Men honeys :)

  3. Wow, doesn't he look dapper?! I've never in my life been able to get Mr SKM into a tux, but I've done similarly to you and gone to Circa for some sneaky man help. Now he is getting into vintage via some amazing 1950's style print hawaiian shirts!

  4. Stunning both! I love 60s suits. And I just love your dress, it is soooo beautiful!