03 February, 2010

Battered and torn Vintage Penguins - Show them off!

I collect vintage Penguins and other old books. I particularly love the old orange and white Penguins . . .

I know that Penguin have released new versions of these classic orange and white books, but I love the 'real' vintage ones! The more battered around the better!

I usually pick these up from fetes and book fairs (the kind of ones run by Rotary/Lions Clubs etc). They are usually only 60c - $1. Even if I don't get around to reading them all (!) I love to look at them. Some of them have great designs and art work on the covers.

I also like the art work on the Penguin 'Modern Classics' which have a light green and white cover. Below is a great example from a collection of short stories from the great Ernest Hemingway.

I like to display my favourites on these book holders that I bought from Howards Storage World (there is one at Chadstone)(they are actually called Plate Holders, but they are also great for books). They come in various sizes and are not that expensive. There are very cheap plastic ones available but I prefer the wooden ones - as well as looking much nicer, the plastic ones are too flimsy for books.

I would love to see your collection of vintage books - please leave a comment if you have any photos you would like to show me or any rare finds you want to share!

Vintage Suburbia x


  1. Hi,
    I've just discovered your blog! I also love collecting old books, and the orange and white Penguins are also among my favourites. I have piles and piles of books all over my house, hadn't really thought of how to 'display' them, but I really like your idea of using the plate stands for them! How fabulous!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jac. It seems we have a lot in common - law, op-shopping in Oakleigh and books! I hope to run into in Salvos or St vinnies soon! Maria

  3. Ahh yes! I'm still studying law and actually start a 2 week clerkship at a mid-tier commercial firm tomorrow... sadly no op shopping for me during the week for a bit!