07 January, 2010

How to get a 21 inch waist - my quest to fit into an Audrey Hepburn dress!

Recently, an auction was held in the UK to sell off items from the wardrobe of the exquisite Audrey Hepburn. 

As would be expected, the dresses I liked were completely out of my price range ($20,000 for one) but I dream nonetheless.

A beautiful Vintage Givenchy dress from a Collection of Audrey Hepburn dresses

However, as I perused longingly through the collection I noticed the measurements given for one of the dresses - a 21 inch waist!

I knew Audrey Hepburn was petite, but oh my gosh.
I also recently read that, with the help of corsets, Dita von Teese can make her waist 18 inches (?!)

Although I can never hope to attain these tiny measurements it did remind me of a number of dresses in my wardrobe which don't fit me because the waist is just that too small (they are around 25-26 inches). Unfortunately as you would all know, this is the downside of wearing vintage - the waists are often impossibly small. So my quest for the new year is to lose one inch from my waist. Can I do it??

With the help of my pilates instructor who is an ex-ballet dancer (and believes pilates is a synonym for torture) I think I can. I have found a pilates exercise involving twisting your torso with a medicine ball gets some results. Does anyone else have any tips for me?

I will keep you posted on my progress over the next few months - hopefully I will be waisting away! (get it?)

Vintage Suburbia x


  1. I find that side bending exercises, ie. where you stand with feet shoulder-width apart and put your left arm in the air and bend sideways towards the right and back again (of course repeating on the other side with the other arm up) is quite good for slimming the waist, as it targets the side torso muscles. I usually do about 30 on each side every day.

    The other thing you could try is some of that control/body sculpting underwear, as a short-term solution. Shapewear I think it's referred to as! One inch is such a small amount that it would probably do the trick, and would be very vintage appropriate (think girdles).

  2. Dear Piroska, thanks for those tips! I will try out that exercise and see how I go. Thanks for reading my little blog! Maria :)