09 January, 2010

A fabulous (and flattering) 1950's Vintage swimsuit

Like many women, I find buying a swimsuit to be a difficult, despondent experience. Although I am only a size 10 I am very curvy, which does not help matters!

However, I was inspired by a recent episode of ABC series The Collectors featuring the lovely Nicole from Circa Vintage Clothing in Fitzroy (Melbourne) to buy a vintage swimsuit. I was a bit hesitant at first as I wasn't sure about the sizing. I also found some of the ones on sale on etsy and ebay quite expensive. But after extensive searches I found a great suit from ebay in the USA- blue which I love, and a very flattering cut (love the little skirt bit, great a hiding generous thighs!)(also means not having to worry as much about whether one has done her bikini line recently, but we won't go there!).

Vintage 50s swimsuit tagged 'Coles of California'
                                                          purchased from Ebay USA for $US 35, size 12

This is a vintage size 12, but I am a modern size 10 to give you an idea of difference in sizing. It is a little big around the bust area but otherwise fits really well. I should mention that there is a 'bullet point' bra
type insert (I think that's what you call it?) in the bust area which makes the wearer's bosom looks more generous and perkier than it actually is - absolutely fabulous!!

I also bought a 1950's swimming cap from USA ebay which I thought might be too much vintage, but actually looks quite cute, especially with a bit of red lippy.

My photos are all taken by my 6 year old daughter(!) so you must excuse the dramatic pose I have adopted here - we had lots of fun doing these photos.

Happy shopping for your perfect vintage swimsuit!


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  2. This suit would make a perfect gift for my wife. It's a shame there aren't any more available. Thanks for the inspiration!