18 November, 2011

Channelling Joanie - A curvy red dress

I know I don't come anywhere near looking like the amazing Joan from Mad Men . . . but we can all dream can't we?

This is a dress by the fabulous US designed Hattie Carnegie. She is not as well known as Suzy Perette, Lilli Ann and the like, but the suits and dresses are very nice. I personally do not think the quality of the design and fabric is the same as Lilli Ann, but as I said, they are very nice all the same (and quite a bit cheaper as they are not as sought after!).

Everyone should own a curvy red dress like this. It really does make you feel fabulous, particularly if it hugs in all the 'right places'! 
 I am a latecomer to the colour red. Because I am so pale and freckly I have been very scared of it. The right shade red can look great though (although I have learnt to stay away from the orangey type reds). I
am also a late arrival to the advantages of figure-hugging dresses. I have fairly 'generous' hips and for many years tried to hide them from view. It is only in recent years (and with a little help from shapewear!) that I have discovered it is actually better to celebrate your hips in dresses like this! (Thanks Joanie!)

Outfit details:
Vintage red dress (mid 60's?) Hattie Carnegie ebay USA
vintage needlepoint bag etsy

PS Sorry for the absence from the blogging world. I have been seriously busy at work, but hope to be a better blogger!


  1. OOhhh... that dress was made for you! Just gorgeous. You look equally as lovely as Joan.

  2. Wow the red really does look great on you :-) Lovely pale ladies such as yourself look better in those richer tones. :-) I love that waste detail!

  3. Ooohhh, I do love a red frock and you look fabulous. Timeless elegance.