31 January, 2011

A pretty pink and silver grey floral

This is one of my favourite skirts - a lovely pink and silver grey floral that I picked up for a song in St Kilda.  I am not exactly sure what era it is from - it looks home-sewn and has no label. I have always loved the colour combination of pink and grey - it was hugely popular in the 80s - and I am a child of the 80s - so that may explain things!

I have teamed it with a silver grey tshirt from Myer (Basque label) and a little bolero (Jacqui E)(middle of the road cheapish fashion stores for my overseas readers!). I don't really go shopping at 'normal' shops anymore, but I have a collection of little cotton and wool cardigans and boleros that I have picked up at various sales at department stores over the years and I do admit they come in very handy.

And I do have to say that the tshirt material does wonders for my bust (which after two children is a shadow of its former self I can tell you!)

 And of course,  great way to end is to show a close up of the cute 50s earrings I bought at the Sydney Vintage Fair in October last year. Many of the things there were quite overpriced (in my humble opinion)($350 for a 50s dress is waaay too much in my book!)(etsy has spoiled me I know). Anyway, I did manage to pick up some cheap little 50s earrings - one was this set - for only $12 each pair. Now that's better!

Outfit details
vintage skirt vintage store in St Kilda - no longer there unfortunately
t-shirt Basque label, Myer Department store
bolero Jacqui E women's clothing store
shoes rather ugly but comfortable flats from Myer
earrings Sydney Vintage Clothing Fair

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