24 August, 2010

A Fabulous 'New Look' Lilli Ann coat - a nipped in waist to die for!

Regular readers would know that I absolutely love Lilli Ann (see previous posts) and was so pleased to find this 'New Look' nipped waist Lilli Ann coat on ebay. Finally here are the photos of me wearing said coat!

This coat is an absolute pleasure to wear, it is so well-tailored and drapes beautifully (it is quite heavy actually, I think Lilli Ann coats are often weighted around the bottom to enhance the shape). The only thing I would say is that it is quite 'snug' to I have to wear it with a waist cincher!

Gotta do a spin !

Do you think I look anywhere near as good as the model? (perhaps not!)

By the way, I wore the coat out to a friend's play (Adelphi Players) at Labassa House. It was a set of short Chekhov plays and they were absolutely fabulous. I find some of Chekhov's plays a little hard to take (very intense and a little of their time), but these ones were great (the best one: 'The Bet' - google it, a fabulous one).

Labassa House is a National Trust house located in Caulfield North. I think it is open to the public occasionally so please take a visit: see Labassa House.


  1. That is one gorgeous coat. And how awesome to have a copy of the advertisement in which it was featured!

  2. Amazing coat – and I love the advert too! The plays sound really interesting, great venue for them :)

  3. that is one incredible coat - I love it. Especially the way it sways! xx

  4. Oh my God, that coat is to die for!! I love that you found the ad for it too. So beautiful, and I think you look just as glam as the model.

  5. That coat is incredibly beautiful! You look stunning :).