03 June, 2010

Vintage casual: A 'to be sure to be sure' Irish-green jacket

With two children, one husband and a job to look after, I don't always get the time to get dressed up in 'full-on' vintage style every day. This past week has been rather hellish as both my children have both been very sick with a stomach bug so my daily outfit has consisted of whatever was handy. As a result, it felt absolutely fantastic today to get back into wearing some vintage . . .

        Green wool jacket little vintage store in Grey St, St Kilda (no longer there)
Brooch Opp Shop, Edinburgh : see this this earlier post for details
blouse op shopped/thrifted
black trousers Basque, Myer (they have great wardrobe staples like this at very good prices)

This is one of my typical vintage 'casual' outfits - one that I can go grocery shopping in, take my child to the park etc and not be overdressed or uncomfortable. I am a big believer in black trousers as a good wardrobe staple - I can look nice, but still be able to bend down lots to pick up children, toys etc and not be too worried that my clothes will get stained by my 2 year old's grubby little hands! I personally don't like to wear my 'good' vintage when I am with my children for the day as there are too many dangers - I have had some bad experiences with the staining danger posed by white nappy cream so I am over-cautious.

I love the colour of this jacket - a deep Irish green - one of my favourite colours (others are royal blue and of course, pink!). My husband is Irish (don't you love that accent) so he likes to see me in this jacket. I dress it up with a brooch, and if its a bit chilly, a scarf. I am only just getting 'into' wearing scarves. I have never known exactly how to tie them and they always seem to look odd on me. However, I am trying! I bought this one at a market from my fellow Melbourne blogger, the gorgeous Lady Melbourne. It was a whole $5 - bargain!

Before I go, a close up of the lovely brooch on the jacket - the silver against the green looks great in real life - really sets the colour of the jacket off nicely.

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