05 November, 2013

Vintage Shopping in LA - the best shops to visit

Well, its been a long time between posts - work and family life have distracted me so please forgive the delay.

Today I want to share the best bits of my LA Vintage Shopping trip which I did with my lovely vintage friends in April/May this year.

I am an avid etsy buyer so I was not sure how actual 'real life' vintage shopping would compare (in Australia, the prices are much much higher in bricks and mortar stores). I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised and absolutely LOVED being able to feel fabric and try things on. I have since really decreased my online shopping and am now saving up to go back to the States in 2013 (Chicago I think).

But back to LA. For my money, the top shops in LA are as follows:

(1) The LA Vintage Expo (held a few times a year) - hands down the best vintage fair I have been to - there are sellers from all over the West coast, there is a great variety of styles and prices, all very good quality and a great atmosphere (I also saw Dita and Kramer there - win!).

(2) The shops on Long Beach, LA - Sneaky Tiki, Meow Vintage and Inretrospect (I have posted photos of these below). These are all within walking distance of each other on E 4th Street and are great stores. Prices are reasonable and the stock is in very good condition. There are good cafes on the street so it is lovely place to spend the morning (or day!).

(3) Playclothes in Burbank http://www.vintageplayclothes.com/index.htm (I have put the link for this here as I didn't take any photos on that day)

OK, lets see some photos  . . . 

Sneaky Tiki is a good place to start your shopping day on "Retro Row" in Long Beach. It is a small shop, but the quality is very good and the prices very reasonable. The sales assistant was quite friendly - there was a fairly large group of us (about 10) and she let us just browse and make noise and try stuff on to our hearts content. There is a really good coffee shop selling bagels, paninis and the like just nearby.

Meow Vintage - this shop is great. It is very large and, again, the range and prices are very good. The seller was also relaxed about our group taking over the shop. She also sells at The Vintage Expo. I bought 3 beaded cardigans from her and they are beautiful (averaged around $60, which is very good as they were near perfect). She also has a good range of funkier stuff like Mexican jackets and skirts (I want to go back there to buy them!)

Inside Meow Vintage - so funky!!

 Don't you just love these old fridge doors (used for the changing rooms) - I want these at my house!

Me (on the right) getting ready to try stuff on. Happy times!

A better photo of some of the stock.

 The third great store in Long Beach is the 'vintage collective' type shop called Inretrospect (different booths from different sellers in one large building). This had quite a bit of furniture in it, but also a good range of vintage purses, suitcases and clothes. I bought a great woven basket purse there for $40.


I LOVE vintage suitcases and would have taken these home in a heart beat if I could have. But I guess they are not very practical (I do like my modern wheeler ones). I guess someone smart could put wheels on these vintage ones, but I guess that would ruin them . . . 

 Opposite Introspect is a beautiful art deco cinema and cafe. A great way to end your shopping day on 4th ave Long Beach

I hope you enjoyed my little summary of vintage shops in LA and that you make it here one day. It really is vintage heaven!

Happy shopping!


  1. Oooh, I looove the old fridge doors in front of the changing rooms as well! So lovely! I'm always telling my boyfriend I want a fridge like that, haha!

    XX Sonja

  2. Glorious!!! I am taking note.....

  3. The vintage fridge doors on the change rooms = genius!

  4. great post ... the changing room doors are so fun .... and i want those suitcases!

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  6. Oh my these all look amazing! I've always wanted to visit LA to see all the amazing vintage, hopefully one day soon I can!